Semi Hard & Hard Cheeses


The Cheese Please cheddar is handmade cheddar that ensures that it develops a traditional cheddar cheese flavour profile. The cheese is then matured in my cheese cave until I decide that it is ready to eat. I use my decades of cheddar cheese making and grading experience to select the best milk, cultures and make procedure to deliver premium quality cheddar to you. The Cheese Please cheddar is smooth and creamy with a nice tang. It can be used in a Cheese Platter or to make a superb toasted sandwich with leg ham and a good tomato relish.


The Cheese Please Belvedere. You may be familiar with a European mountain style cheese such as a tome; Well Belvedere is our take on this style. It has a natural mould rind – a unique Murraylands experience! We are yet to find a cheese similar to this throughout SA so that our Belvedere is a perfect reason to visit the Murrylands. Belvedere gets extra attention in our Cheese cave. Every week each round is rubbed back to allow the natural moulds to grow in a controlled manner. The outcome is an interesting surface presentation and flavour. Each round is matured for at least 4 months. The sky’s the limit for eating, looks superb on a cheese platter and has a complex flavour profile. Belvedere goes perfectly with a glass of fruity white wine. To make an addition to cheese platter that will have your friends talking for ages, consider belvedere as a secret weapon.


Wedge of Harvarti cheese

Havarti is a mild northern European style cheese. At Cheese Please we finish it with a red waxed coating. It is rare to find a Havarti finished with red wax and we are yet to find one in Australia. To us, the Cheese Please Havarti is the trilogy of elegance: elegant red wax finish looks excellent, the smooth soft texture cuts elegantly with a cheese knife and the very pleasant subtle taste lending elegance to the experience. We think that such an elegant cheese is fitting to finish with a red wax. The cheese has a smooth, quite soft texture with a subtle but very pleasing taste. Excellent served with crisp pear and apple chili paste. It is almost a cheese platter on its own. TIP – If you are introducing someone new cheese consider using our Havarti. Its soft texture and mild flavour make it accessible to a new cheese lover


Like the explorer Matthew Flinders the Cheese Please Flinders is for cheese lovers who want to explore new frontiers. If the Rugged exterior on the outside intrigues you, wait until you explore the smooth reaches of the interior paste. At Cheese Please, Flinders starts its journey as Havarti but is allowed to develop a natural mould rind. You will discover extra complexity to the flavours of this cheese; from mild in the middle to strong and pungent at the surface. Flinders is designed for the cheese connoisseur who wants a different experience and is perfect along with a milder cheese such as cheddar for a Gourmet cheese platter.


The Cheese Please Sturt is a fresh pecorino style cheese. You will find Sturt will become the workhorse of your kitchen. Here are just some of the many ways that you can use Sturt to add flavour to your cooking: • risotto, sprinkle through a risotto toward end of cooking, e g risotto example • pasta, as above • pizza • Potato bakes.


Cheese Please Knuckles are cheddar strips that might look different to traditional Cheddar but they are packed with flavour!! . We create knuckles at the end of the cheddar cheesemaking process just before the cheddar is pressed into the blocks we all know and love. While the cheddar is matured for at least 3 months our Knuckles are sold between 4 and 8 weeks of age. This means the texture is softer than normal cheddar. Knuckles develop a pleasant slightly fruity flavour. Knuckles are wonderful on a ploughman’s platter with a hearty onion relish

Pepper Bridge

Cheese Please is based in Murray Bridge, where people often say that we take the road less travelled. Our pepper bridge is a perfect example of this. We take a harder style cheese, similar to pecorino and then blend in peppercorns. This combination of cheese and peppercorns make it perfect for enlivening a cheese platter.Tip Wayne’s favourite tip at Cheese Please is to try on a gourmet toasted sandwich; if you haven’t tried you haven’t lived.


Freckles by Cheese Please is an example that our belief that Cheese is not only food for the mouth but for the eyes as well. Colby style smooth and slightly tangy cheese made with two coloured curds. It is common for people to think that fruit cheese with apricots on 1st viewing, that is where the magic begins. Freckles is simply a fun cheese with a colour pattern to feast your eyes upon. Add freckles to your next cheese platter and watch it spark conversation. PS Freckles can also breathe life into the humble cheese sandwich. Why have one Colby, when only two will do?