Cheese & Wine

Bremerton Coulthard, Cheese Please Belvedere, Cheddar, Flinders, Boatshed Mettwurst

Cheese and Wine Pairing   People often ask me what is a good wine to drink with some of my cheese. I normally say anything that you like to drink! But recently I have had some discussions with the knowledgeable staff and winemakers at Bremerton Winery and we have some suggestions for you. We have […]

Haloumi: A versatile, adaptable cheese for cooks & chefs

Haloumi cheese with charred corn salad

Haloumi Cheese Please Haloumi is a very smooth and delicate cheese, suited for use as an entree or in vegetarian meals   Traditionally Haloumi has been used as an entrée in a Greek meal. Fried Haloumi could be served with marinated artichokes, olives, good quality crusty bread and Greek style dips. It is also brilliant […]