Oh No my starter is not working!!

Starter failure is the thing that can keep cheese makers awake at night. This issue we will discuss ways of minimising the risk of stater failure. Starter inhibition Starters can be inhibited, or their effectiveness reduced by the following: Bacteriophage (Phage)  Phage are virus’s that attacks bacteria, they can cause the death of starter […]



ROYAL ADELAIDE SHOW AWARDS Murray Bridge Cheesery sets the standard at the 2015 SA Dairy Awards A small family owned cheesery set on the outskirts of the township of Murray Bridge has scooped the pool at the SA Dairy awards, (conducted by the Royal Adelaide Show and DIAA), winning 4 out of the 10 trophies […]

Cheese & Wine

Bremerton Coulthard, Cheese Please Belvedere, Cheddar, Flinders, Boatshed Mettwurst

Cheese and Wine Pairing   People often ask me what is a good wine to drink with some of my cheese. I normally say anything that you like to drink! But recently I have had some discussions with the knowledgeable staff and winemakers at Bremerton Winery and we have some suggestions for you. We have […]

Haloumi: A versatile, adaptable cheese for cooks & chefs

Haloumi cheese with charred corn salad

Haloumi Cheese Please Haloumi is a very smooth and delicate cheese, suited for use as an entree or in vegetarian meals   Traditionally Haloumi has been used as an entrée in a Greek meal. Fried Haloumi could be served with marinated artichokes, olives, good quality crusty bread and Greek style dips. It is also brilliant […]

The Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich

The Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Everyone loves a grilled cheese sandwich and in the US April is called Grilled Cheese Month with April 12 being National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day. To celebrate the humble grilled Cheese Sandwich my latest blog features an American style Grilled Cheese sandwich which is more a meal rather than a […]

Flinders, A True Artisan Cheese


Flinders : Like the explorer Matthew Flinders the Cheese Please Flinders is for cheeselovers who want to explore new frontiers. If the Rugged exterior on the outside intrigues you, wait until you explore the smooth reaches of the interior paste. At Cheese Please, Flinders starts its journey as Havarti but is allowed to develop a […]