Autumn & Winter Cheese Pairings

Autumn & Winter Cheese Pairings

Now that the weather has started to cool in South Australia you have probably moved your entertaining inside or onto a sunny sheltered patio.

It can also be time to do something different with your cheese platters.

Apples are in season, they will vary from sweet to tart depending on variety and whether ripened on the tree or not. Most cheeses mix well with a crispy slice of apple but consider pairing an aged cheddar with a sweet apple like Golden Delicious. The flavours will complement each other nicely. For a real apple hit also serve with The Hills Apple Cider Company Apple cider.

Honeycomb is fantastic paired with cheese at any time, but try it as the weather cools with a strongly flavoured cheese such as Cheese Please Belvedere or your favourite blue. For an extra decadent sweet hit serve at the end of a meal with a good dessert wine such as the Petaluma Cane Cut 2012 Riesling and Do Bee honey

I love onions, as a kid I can remember mum making cheddar sandwiches with finely diced brown onion, they certainly packed a punch.

My favourite way of having onions with cheese is to serve chunky wedges of any semi hard cheese such as Flinders, cheddar or Pepperbridge with a good quality  ciabatta or sour dough bread and a big dollop of onion relish. Check out the offerings at your favourite Farmers Market, try serving it with a Prancing Pony Brewery Black Ale, the complex coffee, chocolate and hop flavours will enhance the cheese, onions and bread. A great snack while watching your favourite footy team.

Pears are also in season. In my mind nothing beats a sweet crispy pear served with a soft bodied cheese, either your favourite brie or camembert or the smooth and creamy Cheese Please Havarti. Perfect for the patio on a sunny autumn day with a glass of Bremerton Wines Mollie & Merle Verdelho and a Corella Forelle pear. The fresh acidity of this wine will cut the creaminess of the cheese and lift the pear intensity.

Have fun coming up with your own autumn pairings!

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