Autumn and Winter warmers using Haloumi and Feta


Now that the weather is cooling down I have been thinking about some great ways to use the Cheese Please Haloumi and Feta in some warming meals.

Haloumi is very versatile and here are some suggestions that I have used and also have learned from my market customers.

With a curry, haloumi makes a great addition to any curry but especially as a good source of protein in a vegetarian curry. Make your curry as normal and then when it is ready to serve, cube the haloumi into bite sized portions and then fry until golden brown and add to the curry.

With roast veggies – cut vegetables into even portions, e.g. potato, sweet potato, pumpkin, carrot, red onion, red capsicum, – toss in Australian olive oil and season with fresh rosemary, salt crystals and pepper; bake in oven until cooked to your liking and then thinly slice haloumi and put on top of the vegies and place back in the oven for 5-10 minutes.

Feta can also be used in many ways besides just adding into a salad.

In an omelette, feta will add some saltiness and additional flavour to an omelette, try with some sun dried tomatoes and triple smoked ham. Serve on good quality toasted sour dough bread for a great way to start a cool weekend morning.

I love crumbling some feta, along with lemon zest and shredded mint on top of a Chicken tagine. This combination lifts the flavour profile superbly.

Another way is to add feta instead of, or as well as parmesan onto a Bolognese sauce. The flavours marry well and add an interesting gluey texture to the sauce. (Well I like the texture!)

How do you use the Cheese Please Haloumi, Creamy Feta or Marinated Feta? Send your suggestions into and you will go into our 3rd Birthday draw.

First prize will be a Home Cheese making workshop for 2 people, valued at $280.

Second Prize will be a $50 cheese hamper.

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