Cheese & Wine

Cheese and Wine Pairing


People often ask me what is a good wine to drink with some of my cheese. I normally say anything that you like to drink! But recently I have had some discussions with the knowledgeable staff and winemakers at Bremerton Winery and we have some suggestions for you.

We have selected some reds that will go well with a range of cheeses particularly as we head into the cooler months.

For the Cheese Please milder cheeses such as Havarti or Knuckles a good match will be the Bremerton Tamblyn. The Tamblyn blend utilises the characteristics of the different Varietals; Cabernet Sauvignon provides the complementary tannin structure, Shiraz adds berry fruit weight, Malbec adds a perfumed lift and intense colour and the Merlot rounds out the palate. This is not a heavy wine and matches well with the smooth, creamy mouthfeel of the Havarti and Knuckles.


Bremerton Coulthard, Cheese Please Belvedere, Cheddar, Flinders, Boatshed Mettwurst

Bremerton Coulthard, Cheese Please Belvedere, Cheddar, Flinders, Boatshed Mettwurst

It will go well when having these on a platter with a sweet paste, pear and good quality crackers.

For the stronger cheeses such as Cheddar, Flinders, Sturt or Belvedere a superb match will be either the Bremerton Walters Reserve Cabernet or Bremerton Coulthard Cabernet Sauvignon.

The 2010 Walter’s Reserve Cabernet is a powerful yet elegant wine, showing notes of blackberry, bramble and earth, complemented by subtle influences of chocolate and savoury nuances. The wine is supported by a fine, defining, elegant tannin structure and shows spice and complexity from the careful use of new French oak.

The Coulthard is hand crafted by Rebecca Willson, This fruit is grown on ancient alluvial flood plain soil, traditional to this area and as a result of an individual parcel selection, has allowed us to show the pure varietal expression of Langhorne Creek Cabernet.

Individual Cabernet parcels are fermented separately in small open fermenters to allow excellent extraction of colour and flavour.  Each batch is matured in a combination of new and older French and American oak barriques for 18 months.

These stronger wines complement the tang and bite in the Cheddar, Flinders, Belvedere and Sturt. Enjoy on a cheese platter with a spicy paste, some quality salami or metwurst and pickles.

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